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3D Images of Switches

This page hosts several 3D images of commonly used switches. All devices are owned by the author.

Fig 1 is called a "Minor Switch". It has a step-up electromagnet and a reset magnet. This one was likely made by CP Clare or the Automatic Electric Company.  The remnant wire type hints at this being used in a non-telephone facility or device. However, Western Electric made a very similar switch called a 204E Selector.  It was used as a digit counter in the 207C single-digit Intercom unit for example. 

Fig 2 is an interactive 3D image of the same device. There is some slight image distortion due to the intricate nature of the device. It was captured in a light box with a rotating stage. About 75 images were captured to make this 3D image. 

Step-reset stepper switch kovalick_edite

Fig 1, Minor Switch, step-up, reset electromagnets

Fig 2, 3D interactive view, zoom, rotate 

Note: This image is hosted by SwiftXR 

Next is a video showing an Automatic Electric type 45 stepper switch. There are some unintended artifacts present.  

The next video shows a Western Electric U-1154 relay. There are some unintended artifacts between the contacts.

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